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Cabinets, Closets, Laundry Rooms, Vanities, Mudrooms, Offices, Pantries

Double Sink


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171 Hansen Ln. Unit B

Woodland WA 98674

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Custom Designed

Every storage solution we provide is custom designed to fit your space.  From Kitchens to Closets, from mudrooms to laundry'll love the elegant look and practical usefulness of our installations!

Fast, Easy Assembly

Our proprietary lock-together system requires no glue, and only a few screws to assemble.  You'll be amazed how quickly your cabinets and closets go together- with virtually no tools.

*No Camlocks!


We've designed our assembly system to be so quick and easy, you'll have fun putting our storage systems together, and you'll save money on shipping by assembling onsite.  You won't have to pay to ship air, like you would with cabinets shipped already assembled.

 Easy Closet

When installing our closet systems, you'll use our simple, effective Closet Helper to help you get straight, level closet installations with a minimum of fuss.  Simply level and screw the Closet Helper to the wall, hang your closet units, and attach the units by fastening them to your wall studs.


70+ Color Options

Don't feel limited by color choice!  We have several different solid colors available, as well as a wide array of wood grain looks and some specialty designs, such as linen and concrete.

Two Box Options

Because of the rising costs of real plywood, we've added another option for cabinet box construction.  You can choose pre-finished maple plywood, or budget-friendly white melamine.  Drawers are made of plywood when choosing either option.


Two Styles

Because everyone has different tastes, we now offer two distinct cabinet styles: European Frameless for a sleek, modern look, and Traditional Face Frame for a timeless, real wood look.

Two Door

Our European Frameless Cabinets now available in two door styles.  Flat panel for a smoother, easy-to-clean design, or Shaker style for a touch of the traditional.  Shaker doors available with glass panels.


Closets Units

How-To Cabinet Assembly Videos

Level-Ready Cabinets

To help make your installation go as smoothly as possible, we offer our Level-Ready system.  After helping with your cabinet layout and design, we can lay out the necessary EZ-Level hardware and have it installed in your base cabinets when they're delivered to your jobsite.  Besides making your install so fast you'll be amazed, you'll protect your expensive, fragile countertops by having a solid foundation for them to sit on.  Ask us for Level-Ready pricing for your next cabinet project!

Imagine leveling a whole line of base cabinets in a fraction of the time when doing your install!  Lose the little wooden wedges...instead, use your cordless drill to make micro-adjustments.  You'll have perfect installs every time- even on uneven floors.


Contact Us

171 Hansen Ln Unit B
Woodland WA 98674

360 859-1670
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